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    problem on Programming with the UART Bootloader



      I follow these steps for programming your PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit using Bootloader Host.

      1. Open the Bootloader Host Windows application
      3. Press and hold the user button down on the Prototyping Kit and insert it into an open USB port on your PC.  The button must be pressed on power up to invoke the bootloader.  The amber LED should light up indicating board power and the blue LED should blink continuously indicating the bootloader has been invoked and it is waiting for a file to upload.
      5. The Prototyping Kit should automatically enumerate and show up in the Ports window within the Bootloader Host application.  You may need to wait for the driver to finish installing.  If the port doesn't show up after the driver installs, click on the Filters button in Bootloader Host and make sure "Show UART Devices" is selected.
      7. Once the Kit enumerates, select it in the Ports window.
      9. Apply the following serial settings:

      Baud:  115200
      Data Bits:  8
      Stop Bits:  One
      Parity:  None


      6. Select File -> Open


      7. In the 'Open' dialog box, navigate to the CYACD file you created from your bootloadable project and open it.  It will be in your project directory under <project name>.cydsn -> CortexM0 -> ARM_GCC_xxx -> Debug. ( Problem 1:no boot loader file in Debug)


      8. Program the Prototyping Kit by selecting Actions -> Program. (Problem 2: Programming option is not enable )


      Each time you want to program the kit, you will need to unplug the board, press the button and re-insert it into a USB port to invoke the bootloader.  You will also need to re-select the proper COM port within the Ports window in Bootloader Host as it will disappear when you unplug the kit.


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      kindly help me to solve these to problem

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          Welcome in the forum!


          To clear some misunderstandings: The BootLoader is already programmed into your prototype kit and cannot be overwritten.


          You need a BootLoadable component for your program that you want to upload into your kit. There is a dependency you have to specify: The BootLoadable needs to know where the original BootLoader project resides. When you installed your kit files the folder containing that files have been created. Make a file search for "bootloader".




          Happy coding



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            Thank you..i will check..I need to know steps for board bring up.. i don't have clear idea even watch some videos and read some documents...can you please send the procedure or steps to know about it...from the code development steps to load the hex file to PSOC 4 board....i am using PSOC creator 3  ...kindly do the needful

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              You are making your life more difficult than needed. You are working with a kit that is good for creating a prototype, but a bit difficult for design & creation. I would suggest you to get hands on a CY8CKIT-043 PSoC4-M which has a useful feature: It allows for debugging! Right from Creator you program the kit and start debugging, inspecting / setting variables setting breakpoints etc.





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