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    CX3 Power Module help in RDK



      I'm trying to create my own CX3 board with the help of the RDK schematics from e-con Systems.


      In the schematics I can see an additional 1.8V Regulator which is not present in the actual board. So I'm assuming that if I include 3.3V LDO and remove 1.8V regulator, I can just exclude the whole 1.8V module from the schematic and add (0E resistor) R82 in 3.3V module.


      Is this correct?


      Also can someone please tell me why they have 1.8V module in the schematic?


      Datasheet Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/B9F1qcH.png

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          Yes, you can exclude the 1.8V module and use 3.3 instead as you said. By the way, the board is designed and rights are held by our design partner e-consystems. So we have to contact them inorder to check why  the 1.8V  was included in the first place.




          - Madhu Sudhan