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    FX3 configure FPGA failed



      I have design a PCB which want to use FX3 to configure FPGA. I have followed application notes AN84868, but the FPGA in my FPGA is Spartan 3E. When I connect to USB 2.0 port, FPGA can be configured successfully. However, when I connect to USB 3.0 port, the configuration will be failed. I have checked PROGRAM_B and INIT_B pin, both trigger well. The running result indicates DMA buffer is filled with FPGA configuration data, but no data is transferred FPGA. Could you guys help me think of some possible reason?   




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      Zoe Wang

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          Is the data transfer done atleast parially or is no data transferred at all? Did you check the data lines?


          Please create a Tech Support case with us.




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            Thank you for your reply. I think I figured out the problem. I have reduced the buffer count(the DMA channel used for configuring FPGA) from 16 to 8, then USB 3.0 port can also configure FPGA successfully. May I know if the firmware attached to AN84868 is written for FX3 with 256KB RAM size?


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