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    Edit => Toggle bookmark... but what for?






      perhaps a silly question, but... does anyone know what the purpose of the toggle bookmark feature is? Since toggling bookmarks is the only supported function I'd say it's absolutely useless.


      Sure, if you're searching within code you can bookmark the search term, which marks all occurences, but it's not possible to jump between bookmarks, or clear them all at once, etc.


      @Cypress: is this a 'loooong work in progress'? ;)









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              I would expect, the sort box in the Content page would have a Sort Option of "Sort date bookmark" so that all bookmarked items will be shown on top of the list, sorted by dates of the bookmarks, with the latest bookmarked content shown first.

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                I'm replying to a post that's from Jun of 2016... It's now mid October of 2019... Is there ever going to be any movement on making 'Bookmarks' more useful?

                Bookmarking all references in a 'Find' is quite useful, but then wanting to 'Find' and mark references to something different is then a major pain in the ass, as one has to one at a time go to each bookmark and toggle them individually (Ctrl-K twice). A 'remove all bookmarks' command would be sufficient, although a 'Go to next bookmark' command would be useful too.

                I'll also bitch a little about the changes to customer support over the past few years, in that, trouble tickets seem to have gone the way of the Dodo or at least I sure couldn't find a way to bitch other than here on the forum.

                C'mon Cypress... I like your products, but support is getting horrendously scattered. I'm reticent at best in recommending Cypress to others because of this.


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                  Is there really no command to remove all bookmarks??!!


                  If not, why does Find have a very prominent button to create a bookmarks if they are completely useless, and the only way to remove them is to manually hunt and toggle one line at a time?


                  I made the mistake of having a Find bookmark lines throughout a large project and now it's full of distracting bookmarks I no longer need.


                  How do you suggest I remove them??