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    How dose FX3 recover from PIB_ERR.



      I have found that ,the FX3 Thread  sockets sometimes stop work ,I register the function CyU3PPibRegisterCallback ,when I reset the endpoint which  seems to stop work ,then it  retun the CYU3P_PIB_ERR_THR0_SCK_INACTIVE、CYU3P_PIB_ERR_THR1_SCK_INACTIVE  PIB errors.


      I don't konw how to let it work back normally but repowers the FX3. Thanks!

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          Before you reset the endpoint, make sure that the DMA Channel is also handled accordingly:


          Snippet for your reference:


           CyU3PDmaChannelReset (&glChHandleSlFifoUtoP);
                              CyU3PUsbResetEp (CY_FX_EP_PRODUCER);
                              CyU3PDmaChannelSetXfer (&glChHandleSlFifoUtoP, 0);