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    FX2LP : Great choice for a custom sound card + UART ?

      Hi everyone,


      I'm currently trying to design kind of a custom sound board that can record an input sound and output a sound to a FPGA.


      Actually it's not really "sound", it's a sine wave signal which frequency can be up to 40kHz (so it is not "audible sound"). The recorded sound would be from samples sent to the computer and the result should look like a classic sound you can record on Audacity for example.


      The samples could occupies 8 bits for example and I'd like to have the sample rate to be around 400kHz.


      I would also like to debug the FPGA using UART both ways, I'd like to read and send characters from the computer.


      I'm asking myself if the FX2LP is a great choice or if I should switch to the FX3.


      What do you think ?