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    Error: gpm.M0117: Exchange GATT MTU Size timed out




      I am writing code for CYBLE-014008-00. Goal: Read out 3 Sensors (using I2C, ADC and SPI) and send the data via BLE to CySmart. Since low power is key in my application, I started with the Day 27 example from Github:




      I implemented code for my 3 components (I2C, SPI and ADC). However, I get the following error when I try to connect my application to CySmart (PC app): Cysmart Error: gpm.M0117: Exchange GATT MTU Size timed out.


      I've tried several things to solve the error but nothing worked (played around with Attribute MTU size (bytes), tried to change interrupt priorities, etc).


      Can you help me?


      I attached the project


      best regards