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    Maximum channels

      Hi Guys,


      I was going through the datasheet of PSoC 4 BLE - CY8C4248. For my application , I need 12 analog inputs ( 0 - 5V range) which i need to measure/sample through the SAR ADC. Timing is not so crucial, so I can afford to serially scan all the channels. I see that there is a SARMUX, but it seems to be a hardware sequencer for 8 channels. Is it possible to get 4 more or should I go for an external mux?


      Secondly, I need 6 PWM channels working simultaneously with different duty cycles. I see that there are only 4 fixed timers. Can i use the UDB to create more PWM channels?


      I am using PSoC 4 BLE, since i need the above two features along with BLE.


      Is all above possible?