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    BLE GAp central

      I'm trying to write a simple BLE application. I've done a GAP peripheral, GATT server, on pioneer kit, and I can see the results on Android application from Cypress. Of course it result as Unknown service, but I can read my data.
      Now I'm trying with counterpart: the central (client). But I have problems.
      Unfortunately the BLE central's examples are very few and something is wrong.


      First step: a very simple check.


      The main program initialize the system and the BLE's callback function and I wait for CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON event after call of CyBle_Start .
      I show the stack ON event with a green LED and a message sent via UART to a terminal, but nothing happens.
      What's wrong?

      I attach my project.




      Thanks, Fabrizio