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    PSoC 3.3 editor

      Hi, I've just installed PSoC Creator 3.3 and I'm working through the Ble 101 tutorials.
      The context sensitive drop-down only seems to have a sub-set of the functions available.


      For instance if I enter 'CYBLE_EVT' I only get one option in the drop-down; whereas the 101 video shows at least 10 functions that fit 'CYBLE_EVT'.


      I assume I have missed something; but I can't see what.


      Any suggestion would be much appreciated.



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          Hi William,




          I assume you mean the auto-complete feature? I see two possible causes:


          1) the header file defining those values etc. is not included


          2) the auto-complete window can be configured to show either macros, non-macros or both - maybe it's set to only one of them => press 'ctrl + space' while the auto-complete listbox is opened.




          A third possibility: sometimes the AC list doesn't show the macros etc, even if they're included and 'show all' is selected, caused by a preprocessor or syntax error anywhere in the affected file (in my case it was an error in a header file). It seems the code window then stops parsing the other files and therefore the list is incomplete.