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    USB 3.0 standard TYPE-A receptacle traces to CYUSB3014

      I design a USB 3.0 IO card with a USB 3.0 standard TYPE-A receptacle and CYUSB3014BZXI. when I route my PCB, I find the differential pairs cross each other.In AN70707,it says "The polarity can be swapped on the USB 3.0 differential pairs.",so I want build the traces(STDA_SSTX-,SSTXP),(STDA_SSTX+,SSTXM),(STDA_SSRX-,SSRXM),(STDA_SSRX+,SSRXP).it means that I swap the SSTX, don't swap the SSRX.but in DVK, cypress swaps the SSRX, doesn't swap the SSTX.


      so please tell me, my design can work fine?