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    CYBLE-224110 and Deep Sleep

      Dear fellows,


      I prepared a beacon style project with a CY8C4247LQI-BL483 with Deep Sleep feature, basically implemented as in AN92584, things were running as expected.


      The final version ships on CYBLE-224110 so once I had the material on my desk I upgraded the project as needed and there is a problem with Deep Sleep: it looks like the processor does not wake up correctly after a few cycles. If I prevent the code from going to (deep)sleep things are OK.


      As the project is pretty tricky on some aspects I wanted to make sure Deep Sleep was correctly handled so I used the Advertisement sample code from AN92584, changed the target to match my hardware and added a software serial component to log what is going on. Things are not OK as the processor seems to be stuck after some sleep cycles


      I attached the project for simplicity sake.


      Does somebody see where I am mistaken ?


      Thanks a lot for you kind help, sorry for any things I have done wrong in this post as this is my first one.