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    After which callback should communication begin?

      After which connection callback should central begin communication by sending write-request?

      After connUP callback, encryption callback, or bond callback?


      We thought it was after bond.  But with our newest board, there most times there is no bond callback.


      Central does connUP command ("blecm_CreateConnection"),

      then central gets connUP callback,
      then encryption callback,

      but usually no bond callback.


      Yet, communication can proceed.

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          Bonding supposed to be once in a lifetime event.  At that time "bond" is created and both sides of connection save keys.  For further connections link is encrypted without bonding.  The interesting part is that first time around you will see encryption following by bonding.  So I guess when you receive the "encrypted" callback you can check if device is bonded and if so start communicating.