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    FX3 cs-make: *** [cyfx_gcc_startup.o] Error 1



      I'm currently trying to use the FX3 SUPERSPEED EXPLORER KIT before designing a custom board with the FX3 component.


      I'm using Windows and I'm trying to compile the UsbUart project but I can't compile it. I actually get the following error in the Cypress EZ USB Suite :


      cs-make: *** [cyfx_gcc_startup.o] Error 1


      I installed both EZ-USB FX3 SDK 1.3.3 and Superspeed Explorer Kit Rev (both with the complete setting chosen) but it doesn't work.


      Could you please help to solve my problem ?


      I got another question : the UsbUart example is described as an USB to UART bridge. Does it mean that I can directly plug the wires of a UART interface from a microcontroller and I would be able to use HyperTerminal to communicate with it without any extra setup ? Does it work "out of the box" ?


      Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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          1) Only with the complete console logs, we can figure out why the error is caused. Please create a Tech Support case mentioning the console logs you get in eclipse when you compile.


          2) Yes, you cna directly plug in any UART from any other device and you can use hyperterm to communicate.


          In order to test, you can short the TX and RX lines of the superspeed explorer kit. Now if you send any character from hyperterm, you will receive the same character back on hyperterm.




          - Madhu Sudhan