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    Touch Pad Tuning

      I'm trying to get a 3x9 touch pad going with a .6mm plastic holding case. 

      The the touch pad works perfect without any case and the default values. When I add the case and use the touch tuner to change the noise threshold and sensitivity I get what looks like good results on the touch tuner. It detects a finger touch and shows it on the graph. But, when I go back into the touch pad code with the updated parameters the touch pad isn't detecting a touch. There is a CheckIsAnyWidgetActive() call to move the code into a detecting state which gets the current touch pad position, but this is always returning a 0. Therefore, no position measurements are being returned.


      I'm confused why I would see a touch position in the tuner graph, but the code isn't detecting the touch pad being active. Is there another parameter that this function call looks at to determine if the the widget is active?