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    PSoC workshop


      Hi guys,


               Tenet Technetronics is hosting a PSoC Workshop this month of June on 25th and 26th 2016. Students from Engineering, Science graduation, Hobbyists or Novice/Experts in Embedded Electronics field can participate in this workshop.


              PSoC platform is different from the Conventional Micro-controllers, as PSoC in addition to micro-controllers it also includes programmable analog and digital peripherals.


              The module for this workshop is designed with the right combination of theory as well as practical sessions. Here in this workshop you will be exposed to PSoC hardware architecture, different programmable analog and digital peripherals, I/Os and Programming Environment, which has a drag and drop feature of components and you’ll also have an opportunity to interface the Cypress’ PSoC 4 development board with various kinds of sensors. This workshop consists of 4 sessions spread across two days.


        This workshop would definitely be helpful for beginners as well as for experts in the field of embedded electronics, as they’ll experience whole new platform of Programmable System on Chip (PSoC).


              So hurry up and enroll yourself for this amazing training experience by contacting our training and workshop team at info@tenettech.com


      For more information log on to www.tenettech.com