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    How To split 32 Bits into three 8 bits or two 16 bits, inorder to transfer 24 bits via SPI Master?


      Hello Every one,


      My questions looks confusing at start but its pretty straight forward explaining below.


      I have an external DAC (DAC8563) which i want to set using spi communication. I want to send 24 bits from PSOC program via SPI Master to my dac chip.


      But i dont have the possibility to send directly 24 bits. So i decided to do zero padding or adding don't care bits.


      Now my bits looks like this : txdata  = (c << 29) || (a << 26) || (x << 10); // 32 bit data input register.


      txdata = xx0000001111111111111111xxxxxxxx


      Now i want to split these bits into three 8 bits, so that i can directly write these bits.


      I was thinking to split these bits into "txdada_hi, txdada_middle, txdada_lo ". But i dont know how i can do this.


      I need help regarding this or any better solution is also welcome.




      Looking forward for your suggestion.




      Best Regards