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    CY8C4245 Watchdog

      I want to use the WDT interrupt in wdt counter 0 and WDT reset in wdt counter 1 but after initialize, it will go to infinite loop can't reset.


      If I just enable EDT interrupt in wdt counter 0, it will no problem.  Below is my config code of the watchdog timer


          while (CySysWdtReadEnabledStatus(0));


          CySysWdtWriteMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0,WDT_INTERVAL_1MS); // WDT interval  Timer = 1msec in counter 0
          CySysWdtWriteClearOnMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0, 1u);
          //Enable WDT counter 0 


          CySysWdtWriteMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER1,WDT_1S); // WDT Timer = 1sec in counter 1
          CySysWdtWriteClearOnMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER1, 1u);


          //Enable WDT counter 1 


          // Lock WDT registers