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    Why i  can not use capsense csd in psoc4000s?


         I am using psoc4000s in our project developing, We need touch key,slider key,and also water level measurement function, I haved used capsense component to implement the touch key,and slider key function by refer some examples.But when i will refer to  CE202479_PSoC_4_Capacitive_Liquid_Level_Sensing for water level measurement,I find i can't use it,errs "Error in component: CapSenseCsd. The CapSense_CSD_P4_v2_20 component (CapSenseCsd) is not compatible with the selected device. Please check the component datasheet for details on updating to a compatible component."


         I can't find any example using CapSense for liquid measurement.so i am beated!


         Any one can help me? I am appreciated all!