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    PSoC 1 and Modbus RTU




      I saw that there were some discussions about implementing the logic for RS485 in PSoC 1 but I couldn't find any updated information (slave). I know that the logic levels are different that the ones used by the PSoC chip and external circuitry is required, but I also know the logic could be easily implemented through the UART component. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the implementation of the protocol in PSoC 1.


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          An RS485 slave is just like an RS232 slave. The slave only responds to requests from the RS485 master. It should not transmit any packet without the prompt from the master.


          The only additional work would be to enable the RS485 level translator to transmit mode using a GPIO pin, just before the slave sends out a packet in response to the master. You can use the existing UART User Module.

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            Thank you for your reply! I have already implemented it by using just a UART component.