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    Two CSD Module Using in Same Project (CY8C4126AZI-M445)


      Hi everybody,


      I would like to use two CSD modules in same project. But i took error message about Resource limit end of the building operation like attached. 4100M datasheet says : 


      "Each CSD block has two IDACs which can be used for general
      purposes if CapSense is not being used.(both IDACs are
      available in that case) or if CapSense is used without water
      tolerance (one IDAC is available). The PSoC 4100M has two
      CSD blocks which can be used independently; one for
      CapSense and the other for IDACs.
      The two CapSense blocks are referred to as CSD0 and CSD1.
      Capacitance sensing inputs on Ports 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are
      sensed by CSD0. Capacitance sensing inputs on Port 5 are
      sensed by CSD1."


      Do you have any IDEA ? Also, i have another dramatic information : when i try to same operation with CY8C4127AZI-M485, it can work without any error. There is a table at page 30 of datasheet. The table gives some information about IDAC and CSD capabilities. But i can not comment table and above information at same time.


      Thanks in advance for your valuable comments.