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    CY2291SC-104 What does the "104" ?

      Sorry but I have another question.


      I have a chip labeled CY2291SC-104. What does the number "104" ?
      Is it a symbol for the factory preconfiguration of the integrated circuit, or something else?


      Can I replace CY2291SC-104 on chip CY2291FX ?

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          This query has already been addressed in the tech support case. I am pasting answer for your queries again below,


          Q)What does the number "104" ?


          A) Dash number means custom configuration. So, 104 is a factory pre configured.


          Q)Can I replace CY2291SC-104 on chip CY2291FX ?


          A) No, you cannot replace.


          Please let us know if you have any further queries.


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