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    CyLib.h not found and not being generated

      I'm trying to use the watchdog on the CY8C21434B in PSOC 5.4. I want to use the two functions CyWdtStart and CyWdtClear according to the System Reference Guide. 


      I notice these two functions are defined in CyLib.h. It is not clear at all if it is supposed to be located somewhere in the installation or if it is automatically generated. I cannot find it in the cypress installation directory and it is not being generated for my project. 


      Where can i find it or get it to generate ?

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          Welcome in the forum!


          No need to #include anything except <project.h>. CyWdtStart() and CyWdtClear() are part of cyboot package and included automatically. See "System Reference Guide" from Creator's Help-menu.





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            Thank you for your response.


            If it is part of the cyboot package and included automatically, why do you think these functions are reported as undeclared by the compiler when the project is built ?


            My current includes are


            #include <m8c.h>        // part specific constants and macros
            #include "PSoCAPI.h"    // PSoC API definitions for all User Modules
            #include "main.h" 


            If i add <project.h> the compiler complains it is not available. But i suspect by project.h you mean the "main.h".


            With the defines shown it reports CyWdtStart and CyWdtClear as undefined.


            There is something missing, the project has worked fine until i tried including anything from the cyboot package. I should add there are no defines in my project.h header and that the original project is more than 2 years old.

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              You are here at PSoC Creator software forum, I overlooked your PSoC1 chip.


              The name of the function is M8C_ClearWDT().