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    Can't get PowerState or IsOpen to function properly

      I'm having an issue getting device descriptors for the FX2LP board. When I attempt to create a new device with CCyUSBDevice myDevice = new CCyUSBDevice(), I get a Windows System Error 31 (general failure), and cannot get device descriptors with the built-in Windows function, DeviceIOControl. I cannot get the device descriptors any other way, as per project requirements. myDevice.PowerState returns 0, which is not a defined return value in your programming API, and according to other users on your forums, IsOpen() returns true almost all the time, regardless of the device's current state. I would like to know if you have any clue as to why I may be getting a general failure, and what PowerState() == 0 means, as it is not defined, and I obviously do not have the source code for that function.