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    Looking for an I2C interface solution that will work with the HD44780 LCD


      I have been working with the PCF8574 chip which is set up to work in a 4 bit mode where P0-P3 from the 8574 chip  are connected to D4-D7 of the LCD and P4-P6  are connected to E, R/W and RS. P7 is connected to the Back Plane. I have been trying to use the I2C_LCD component which has not worked since it appears that the data is being transferred in an 8 bit format rather than upper and lower 4 bit nibbles. Are there any software solutions? I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


      My PC board Layout design would be significantly simpler and I would be able to keep it to a single sided board if I could find an I2C solution rather than having to use the CHAR_LCD component to interface with the LCD.



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