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    BLE Stack to busy and unresponsive!



      i have PSoC4 BLE as a Bluetooth modem which connects a microprocessor via UART and a smartphone via BLE.


      I get a lot of debug info from the microprocessor which i want to send to the Smartphone. But often, BLE reads time out and i get the debug message "BLE STACK BUSY".


      I am transferring 26 bytes with debug info on 11 characteristics. Each time the microprocessor sends debug info, i use


      CyBle_GattsNotification(connectionHandle, &hrConfigHandle);


      on each of the 11 characteristics. That notifies the smartphone, that there is new data available. Those same characteristics also support "read", but when i want to read them selectively, my BLE connection times out.


      The reason why i made separate characteristics for the debug data fields is that it gets too long in one characteristic for the Android smartphone to receive.


      How can i speed up the BLE stack or am i having a bad approach of doing things?