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    Sending a simple ASCII stream over BLE


      Dear Community,




      I am pretty new at BLE and am having some difficulty getting something very simple to work.  I simply want to send an ASCII stream (from a sprintf() of a variable) out through BLE as a custom profile.  In this case it's a pH measurement that is being sent to a PRoC module (the 022001-00 EZ BLE) via UART.  I would have the PRoC parse the UART message (which is coming from a PSOC5LP) and then simply broadcast it.  Does someone have a super-simple example project to simply send out this ASCII stream?  I'm not a great PSoC programmer yet, and this should be an easy task for someone more experienced.


      I have attached a pic of the current instrument.  The next iteration will have the BLE module connected via UART to the PSoC5 main processor.  


      PS. I use the PSoC5 as the main CPU for the USB and del-sig ADC support.