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    Bootloader error help.

      I'm attempting to add a bootloader to a touch pad project, so I can make tuning settings to when its in the case. I've added a new bootloader project to that workspace, made the original project bootloadable, and pointed the dependencies of bootloadable to my bootloader. When I try to build these projects together I am getting a series of errors.

      1. prj.M0120:Build error: address 0x41b8 of .\CortexM0\ARM_GCC\484\Debug\CapTouch.elf section '.text' is not within region 'rom'
      2. prj.M0120:Build error: .\CortexMo\ARM_GCC_484\Debug\CapTouch.elf section \.eh_frame' will not fit in region 'rom'


      3.prj.M0120:Build error: section .cyloadablemeta loaded at [00003fc0,00003fff] overlaps section .text loaded at [00001580,000041b7].


      4. prj.M0120: Build error: region 'rom' overflowed by 0 bytes.

      Can anyone help?