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    Problems with SAR ADC



      I'm new into PSoC and PSoC BLE.
      I decided to design a PSoC Fart-O-Meter.
      So far the project is quite simple: A methane sensor, powered with 5 volts, is measures the concentration of methane in the air.
      The output is a voltage between 0-5 volts.
      I want to convert this output value to an integer by using the SAR ADC. Using this value I want to set a servo, that is  showing the concentration on a sign.
      Later I want to send the value via BLE to another PSoC BLE, as mobile display.


      Unfortunately it doesn't work, I'm saving the value in a variable but when reading this variable, e.g. in debugging, it's everytime empty(0x00000000).


      I added my project to this post.


      I hope you can help me!

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