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    universal analog input signal conditioner

      I'm looking for a universal analog signal conditioner to combine all my  sensor needs in one unit controlled by our CPU.


      have anything to recommend?......


      inputs for: TC(all types), RTD(4 wire 10,100 & 1000 Ohm), Thermistor(1 & 10K), S-G(120-5k Ohm), pH & ORP(10>15 input impedance), %RH,(capacitance), etc.


      I/O: I2C/SPI,


      power:2.7- 5.5Vdc


      we can linearize, X-Y, Polynomials, math. functions, zero, span tare etc in our PIC18F87 and selection of function desired(TC/RTD?S-G etc.)


      if needed we can put a FET op amp for High impedance ckts




      Dr. Otto Fest