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    Bonding programmatically?


      I am wondering: it is possible to enable/disable bonding on the fly in the application code? Or would enabling/disabling the Encryption requirement on a specific characteristic accomplish the requirement to bond and thus give the same result? If so, how do you change that characteristic setting on the fly in application code




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          Hello Travis,


          You can modify the security parameters on the fly by accessing the 'cyBle_authInfo' structure. This structure contains the default security settings of the device. Here you can set the bonding requirements. 


          Encryption/Authentication requirement of a specific characteristic only define the permissions of the characteristics and have no relation with setting the bonding requirements.

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            Thank you for your response! This seems to get me half way there. I am able to change the overall settings, however, I am not able to read any characteristic which has encryption required.


            I also get CYBLE_EVT_GAP_AUTH_FAILED: 5.


            So it seems I need to disable the encryption requirement on the characteristic...