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    S/PDIF Receiver ?




      I know there is a spdif-transmitter module implemented using udb's




      but how about a spdif-receiver? is there anything specific that makes this harder to do?




      thanks david

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          Hello David,


          There is no restriction or limitations on the component. Kindly follow the datasheet to get more information. Are you facing any issue while using this component?




          Ramesh B

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            There is no SPDIF Receiver component. And building one from scratch in the UDB is not trivial. So I have the same question. I currently am designing an interface to communicate between 2 PSoC 3's using the SPDIF Transmitter as one component in one, and would like to interface to the other with an SPDIF stream. This way, I can get audio data and protocol data relatively fast through one wire.