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    Capsense Tuner for Capacitive keypad (CY8CKIT-040 PSoC 4000 Pioneer Development Kit )




      I am new to using the development board i just purchased - CY8CKIT-040 PSoC 4000 Pioneer Development Kit


      I have a couple of keypads with capacitive sensors and a ground trace around the outside.


      Several times i have tried creating a project in capsense, I have no problem telling it what sensors and buttons there will be connected to it.


      And i think i have the pins worked out with exception for the ground trace.


      My problem is though i cannot get tuner to talk to my board.


      I have tried putting the i2c and the ez12c into the workspace but it still does not work.


      Has anyone had experiance with this or knows how i can get it to work.


      Thanks in advance i know everyone must get frustrated with new users who have no idea,