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    New BLE 4.2 with new CY8C4248LQ*-BL583 not working?




      I was working for more than a year now with the Cypress BLE-Kit and startet with the old 128kB Module, then switched over to the 256kB modules and it went very smooth.


      But now I ordered some of the new CY8CKIT-143A with the new BLE 4.2 support and after updating the device and the components BLE just won't work.


      Because my project is very complex, I tried with the Bonding-Example of day 15 from the blog, but even this doesn't work.


      After fixing the printf for the passkey-display, I can now pair with the device again. But the Cypress-App doesn't show any services. Only an empty page with "No services found".


      I'm not sure if that is a problem with the module or the app. Does anybody else have this problem?


      I added my modified example for testing.