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    Stream IN from FPGA to FX2LP



      I have FPGA CycloneV and FX2LP development board. In my project , I need to send streaming data from FPGA to FX2LP ,


      I am using stream IN VHDL code from AN61345 project and I modified PLL, DDR and Pins assignment for CycloneV ( because AN61345  using Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA) . 


      I am using USB Control Center and Streamer software to show the data from FX2LP.


      The data that comes out of FPGA sounds good (counter from 0000 to FFFF) but it's not in order with FX2LP. 


      can I have your help to know where is the problem? the code and the output are in Attachments.


      Thank you ,,,