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    CYBLE-012011-00: Issue with programming the chip


      Hello. I have a customer board using CYBLE-012011-00 chip. The progKit i used is a homemade 5 pin cable with CY8CKIT-043 KitProg. The debug 5-pin cable has a SWIO, SWCLK, RST, GND, VDD. 


      Issue right now is that when i connnect my board to the computer using CY8CKIT-043 KitProg. Psoc Creator 3.3 shows the following error messgae. Error: dbg. M0023: There was an error while programming the device: Connection with device lost udring programming. Verify the device is connected and try again. The program i tried to upload is just the BLE find_my_place+LED blink.(Lab 1) It actually works in the CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit using the default PRoc board. 


      We also have CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit in hand. Would it be possible to use the baseboard progamming my chip(CYBLE-012011-00). I also see there are same 5-pin pinout there. 


      Thank you in advance!