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    Using Analog MUXs with SAR ADC in PSOC 4 BLE




      I am currently trying to use 12 pins as analog inputs of a PSOC 4 BLE pioneer board and I am not very sure this is possible. I am only able to route 6 Analog pins using the port P3[0-5], since the P3[6-7] are used for an RGB on the pioneer board. I will need 6 more pins and I was trying to use some Analog MUXs in order to accomplish this and I was also trying to use P2[0-5] for this. The problem is I am not able to route the analog pins. Basically I was wiring the external pins to input of a analog mux and the output of it to one input of the SAR ADC but this error always appear: Net "\ADC:muxout_plus\" is connected to analog mux "AMuxSeq_1" and analog mux "\ADC:cy_psoc4_sarmux_8\_CYAMUXSIDE_A", but it may connect to only one analog mux when it is an analog mux common connection.


      As a information from PSOC: An analog mux common connection may not be connected to another analog mux. We expect to remove this limitation in a future release. To work around this limitation, try cloning or buffering the common signal.


      So my question for the more experimented people here: Is there a way to use 12 analog pins and if yes where I can find more information? Also if someone know how to clone or buffering the common signal I will appreaciate the information.




      Thanks a lot!