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    API Resolution in CapSense Widget Config

      I have a 3x9 touchpad which acts as an I2C slave. I'm looking to add a few registers to the slave memory to dynamically update software settings for the touch pad. So far I can change the finger and noise threshold using the API function CapSense_SetFingerThreshold(), CapSense_GetFingerThreshold, etc.


      I would also like to change the API Resolution. This is the amount of coordinates that the touch pad returns in the x or y direction. For example, Column API Resolution is set to 100. Therefore the X touch pad coordinates can very from 0 to 100. I want to change this to best fit the need of the device.

      My trouble is I haven't found any dedicated API for reading and changing this value. The only one that is close to that is CapSense_GetScanResolution(), but that seems to be a different setting. Can anyone point me to where this is stored or if its possible to dynamically change this during run time?