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    PSoC bi-dir data transfer



      I'm trying to put together a little demonstrator that does the following: the PSoC logs data (say temperature, to internal RAM). When an Android device connects to it, the Android can issue commands (in a small uint8 array) to the PSoC. The PSoC receives the command array, actions it, and responds by sending a similar array back to the Android.


      I thought I would base this on the supplied FindMe example as it seemed easy, but then I find out that the alertLevel can only take 3 states and not be expanded into a uint8 array. I did manage to add a profile and return data to the Android though. It'd be nice to get DBG_PRINTF working too but something is stopping that sending the whole message (the printed message gets truncated).


      So, is there an existing example somewhere of what I want to do? I'm using Creator 3.3 and have found other examples on the net but the version of BLE is v1.20 which throws a version error. That must be an easy fix too.


      Thanks for any guidance.