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    "Strange" Debug session start up




      I have been working on a project for several days without issue and now I encounter and issue (Using Creator 3.3 S2, CY8C58XX controller).


      First open project and run debug session - all ok, program compiles and parks yellow marker at start of main() ready to run


      Run debugger and program executes ok.


      Stop debugger and rerun, now program compiles and I see "running" status on status bar but hardware is not running. I get no opportunity to START  the debug session or set a breakpoint.


      If I now either make a change in code OR do a Clean and build - the debugger runs normally for this session.


      If I again stop and attempt to re-run the debugger, it again does not wait for me to start the session, it shows "running" status but gardware not running and cannot stop code at a breakpoint.