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    Capsense CY8CMBR3116 MB96F347


      we are trying in vain for several days to communicate via the microcontroller i2c bus mb96f347 one of your capacitive controllers CY8CMBR3116  base example is present in your site "96340 i2c v11" but obviously there are things that escape us perhaps obvious. On the same i2c line there is also a simple framand a port expander PCA6416APW but are read and written without any problems so we believe that the bus is ok. capacitive chip is accessible by miniprog3 the reset pin is properly up to vcc tis is a  bus connector and i can communicate properly with the programmed component that have 0x70 address to properly use miniprog3 we must keep active reset the main microcontroller for use miniprog3 i suppose that only one muster for time in the line is poossibile.if using miniprog3 is possibile to debug without any problem chip and easy to read 0x70 adress.