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    Day025_BLE_Over_The_Air_Update Project

      Hi All


      I am trying to run the Day025_BLE_Over_The_Air_Update project and have run into a minor problem which I hope someone will be able to help with.


      All the code compiles, downloads and runs correctly to the target via the USB.


      When I open the Bootloader Host Tool as detailed in the Over_The_Air.pdf, I cannot see the Cypress BLE Dongle.


      I can only see the KitProg USB-UART associated with the BLE Dongle.


      I can see the Cypress BLE Dongle using the CySmart 1.2 application which shows the dongle as a CySmart BLE 4.1 USB Dongle running firmware


      Using this I can see my BLE devices and interact with them.


      Do I need to flash the dongle with other firmware or do I need to do something else to allow the Bootloader Host Tool see the dongle?


      NOTE: I never have the CySmart 1.2 application active when the Bootloader Host Tool is active.





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          What is the part number of your Dongle? If your dongle is the newer one you must program it with CYSMART not the Bootloader Host. Here is that information from Cypress.


          Also please let me know which BLE dongle is the customer using? Can you ask the customer to test the OTA with Cysmart PC 1.2? Below are the steps to test it using CySmart PC:


          -> Connect the BLE dongle and Open Cysmart.


          -> Press the SW2 of device and enter into bootloader mode


          -> Start scan in CySMart -> If the device name came in the list. Stop scan and place the cursor above the device name.


          -> Click on the upgrade firmware button in the CySmart window. load the hex file and try OTA. Let me know it is failing or not.

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            Hi Bob


            Thanks for the reply to my post, I used CySmart to program my device and it worked perfectly.


            I believe the dongle is a CY5670 CySmart USB Dongle which is part of the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Kit.