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    How to access RTC interrupt, if possible?




      I have a RTC module that is working as default( just drag and drop in the creator). In order for the RTC to work I have attached the Timer2 WDT2 for RTC_sel clock, and set a period of x s. The RTC works fine and it wakes up the CPU every x seconds as intended. Because in my design I also included a BLE component there are many cases in which the CPU is waken up by the BLE events and the RTC is somehow in background. What I want is to know where is the interrupt of the RTC in order to set a flag only when the RTC timer expires in order to make some processing only at certain intervals of time.


      I am unable to find that interrupt if any so I want to ask you if someone know this information? Notice that I may use another timer instead of the RTC but I need it in order to wake up the CPU from deep sleep and other timers cannot do this. I know that the RTC_Update function is called when the Timer2WDT expires but I do not know where.