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    Wiced SDK compilation


      I am trying to compile wiced source code and gets following error message all the time


      **** Build of configuration Default for project WICED-SDK ****

      (Cannot run program "\make.exe": Launching failed)


      Anyone have experienced same problem ? How can I solve this





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          How are you initiating the build?


          The standard method used by the WICED team is to use the "Make Target" window on the right hand side of the Eclipse IDE.

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            I'm having this problem on my installation too.   I am using the "Make Target" window on the right.  Everything fails with the same exact error.


            I tried reinstalling the tools as well.


            Any ideas?

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              Selecting Project->Properties should open up a window and then inspect the C/C++ Build option.

              The Builder Settings should have the following:

              Builder type: External Builder (should be grayed out)

              Use default build command: Unticked

              Build command: ${workspace_loc:/Wiced-SDK}/make.exe

              Makefile generation options should be grayed out/disabled

              Build directory: ${workspace_loc:/Wiced-SDK}/


              Having an incorrect build directory will cause the issue you see or may alternatively call another version of make.exe from another installed toolchain (Cygwin or MingW).

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                Hi Rmincher, In my case problem was solved by downloading and reinstalling the Wiced-SDK-2.4.0 in different directory.