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    CY7C65211 GPIO Control Not Working

      Good morning:


      I have a CY7C65211 USB Serial Bridge device on which I would like to control the GPIOs. As part of a larger test program, I need software that can connect to the device, configure it in 2-pin UART mode, and control GPIOs 2 and 3 which I am using to control the BOOT and RST pins of an attached micro-controller. After which the test program can program firmware through the CY7C65211 and onto the attached MCU using the RX/TX lines.


      I am using the C++ example program provided by Cypress and am able to connect to my device. However, the code requires that the device block be SCB0 in order to control GPIOs, and instead the device block it connects to is the MFG block.


      How can I change which device block the software binds to? Also, how can I use the USB-Serial Library to configure my device into 2-pin UART mode?




      Thank you,