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    Trouble with starting example project

      Hi All,


      I have the Solar Powered IoT Device Kit (S6SAE101A00SA1002) and I'm trying ot open the "LED_ONOFF" project, but the software keeps throwing this error:




      Error: prj.M0052: Unable to open the project "..\UART_Bootloader.cydsn\UART_Bootloader.cyprj":  Could not find a part of the path 'C:\cypress\UART_Bootloader.cydsn\UART_Bootloader.cyprj'.






      I tried copying those files manually into my project directory but that seems to make conflicting file project names.  Any advice?  It almost seems that the copy of the example project was not complete.


      System: Win 7, PSoC 3.2, downloaded the kit version for the solar powered device kit.  I hope this is the right forum.


      All help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!





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          Welcome in the forum, Luke.


          Attached is a project archive of the bootloader project, expand it to a directory* of your choice and compile it.


          Open your LED_ON_OFF project and remove the bootloader project.


          Set the properties of the Bootloader component to point to your newly generated .hex and .elf files (Buried deep within your directory*)




          Happy coding (and remember the force)



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            Hi Bob,


            Thank you for the welcome, and thank you for the help.  I think the issue was with the file path length.  After moving the UART_Bootloader project to a higher (shorter named) directory, I was able to compile the hex files, which I selected for my Bootloader component. It then built correctly. 


            Thanks for the advice,