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    Why does lower high_scan_interval cause failure to connect?

      When we lower high_scan_interval, centrals gets ad received callback sooner.

      But if we lower it too much, when central attempts connection (starts connUP), it gets no connUP callback.


      If below 48, then faster scans but no connUP.

      At 48, connUP.  Scan for ad is < 1 second.

      At > 48, connUP, but scan times take longer.

      At 96, scan for ad from our peripherals takes up to 5 seconds.


      How does high_scan_interval at central affect connection to peripheral ??


      $64,000 question:


      Can we set high_scan_interval low (=1) just before we scan for peripheral ads,

      and then set it high (=48) just before we connect to a peripheral, to make everything work faster????