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      I'm in the bring-up process for a PoC using the Pactron FX3S evaluation board.

      Mass storage demo- works.

      My SDIO project - doesn't.

      Fx3SDIOUart - doesn't.  (Hm...)


      What happens is that it will see, ad infinitum, an SD card plugged into either port 0 or port 1 of the board.  However, plug in an SDIO card (any, not just a serial- and for my application, any is what is required...), the device hangs HARD, needing to be unplugged and re-plugged in.  Does this with either the SDK demo or my application I'm building up.

      I debugged it to the event processing level above my callback- it's hanging before that.  Do I have duff hardware here?  What gives?

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          We have tested those projects with Pactron DVK and it worked. Please contact Cypress Tech Support so that we can investigate and assist you.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Already have a ticket in.  Got a workaround, but still working with the engineer since it shouldn't be doing this with the WF111 SDIO WiFi adapter (Yes, I know, not the example, but if you're going to advertise this as an SDIO USB Bridge solution...  >:-D)

            Right now, I'm working through getting the requests from the Linux MMC stack into the SD Host Controller over USB and that sequencing.  First naive attempt...not so hot.  Thinking through a better answer right now.  Not sure if the loopback with a producer socket callback on the OUT endpoint's a good answer for a generic SDIO bridge.  The less polling and more event driven the thing can be, the FASTER it will go- so I'm aiming for just that.  It wanders off on me- I can't tell if my IN endpoint response is getting where it should yet.  Probably need to get a protcol analyzer in there.  :D