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    Use BCM43362 In Proprietary Design

      We are trying to integrate a BCM43362 (in a Murata SN8000 module) into an existing design.  This is a mature product with an existing RTOS and TCP/IP stack.  We just want to add WiFi capability to the product.  We'd like to use the WICED stack since it would be crazy for us to develop our own 802.11 protocol stack.  At the lowest level, we need to modify the WICED stack to use our processor's SPI interface.  At the highest level, we need to route network traffic to/from our TCP/IP stack through the WICED 802.11 stack.  Is there a roadmap for such a development path?


      The WICED software stack diagram makes it look like this is possible - connect our SPI driver to the platform HAL and incorporate the WWD layer into our design.  However, looking at a diagram and pulling in source code modules are two different things.  Has anyone done this?  Any advice would be appreciated.




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          This is definitely doable. We have a number of customers using strictly WICED Wi-Fi Driver (WWD) plugged into their existing framework and applications. WWD has clearly defined interfaces which allows you select RTOS, network stack, and platform of your choice.




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            One other option is to consider Inventek's AT Command for Packet Bypass Mode (PBM).  The PBM sends the received Ethernet packet directly to the host interface bypassing the module’s TCP/IP Stack.  Currently UART and USB HID interfaces are supported.  The SPI interface becomes a little more difficult because this is a synchronous interface developed for high throughput.  However it could be adopted for bypass mode if SPI is the only I/O available.  Contact engineering@inventeksys.com with further questions.

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              This may be doable, but it's certainly not easy or straight forward.  Is there any relevant documentation or application note?  I'm trying to use the WWD\Application project as a starting point but not making much progress.  I started by trying to integrate one source file into my existing project.  It's nearly impossible.  There are at least 50 nested include files, almost every one of which requires its own path,  I may end up gathering all the include files into a single directory.  Needless to say, this doesn't 'feel' right.  I don't think I'm headed in the right direction.  Can anyone offer some specifics?




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                Murata also has software released with their module-called "SINC" which provides an AT command like interface to the host processor via UART or SPI. Here is the link-Embedded Wi-Fi.

                Hope it helps.