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    Setup time violation


      I am getting the following warning when I compile a program for PSOC5LP




      Warning-1366: Setup time violation found in a path from clock ( CyBUS_CLK ) to clock ( UART_IntClock ).




      I am running a UART and a USBUART at the same time.  The UARTint clock is set at 460.8 kHZ (Desired) for a 57600 baud stream.  I have it set to use the internal clock.  


      My USBUART is communicating with a computer (COM) and the UART is communicating with a PROC chip for Bluetooth.  I am also running an SPI line to a display.


      I am running PLL_out at 48 MHz.  




      Any reason why I'm getting this error?  The code seems to run fine, but I don't want any issues with long term stability.